Irvine, CA January 23rd 2017 - RJE International introduces the new and improved lightweight military DG-100 Digital Depth Gauge to their line of diver navigation products.

The DG-100 measures and displays depth up to 330 feet/100 meters using a state-of-the-art pressure transducer. The timer functions automatically track dive and surface times, and user-adjustable brightness settings of the OLED display aids in poor visibility conditions. A built-in stopwatch allows tracking of leg times, independent from dive or surface times.

The Lithium ion battery in the DG-100 is rechargeable and features a Hibernation Mode and separate Power Saving Mode to further conserve battery life and prolong use. All functions are easily controlled by two buttons on the side of the DG-100.

Production Manager Tim Smith stated, “We’ve spent a lot of time in development of the DG-100, it’s built for the rigors of working and performing underwater. It’s an equal blend of complex technology and simplicity of design for maximum ease of use – all backed by the RJE warranty.”

With the maintenance-free DG-100, you can quickly recall a divers deepest excursion and total dive time. The DG-100 is also the perfect accompaniment to the popular TAC-300 Combat Swim Board to meet your mission needs.

For more information, visit or call 949-727-9399 for customer service.

RJE Int STI 350Irvine, CA July 14 2016 - RJE International’s STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver System was successfully used in the recovery of an Airbus CASA C-212 Aviocar 400 sea patrol plane. The Vietnamese Coast Guard CASA 212 and crew of 9 was answering a distress call of a SU30-MK2 fighter Jet that crashed on a training mission earlier, when the search plane also crashed due to bad weather.

The CASA 212 was located at a depth of 50-60 meters under the sea, south east of Back Long Vi island in the Gulf of Tonkin. The search included efforts from the Vietnamese Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and local fisheries searching for the crew and black box from the CASA. The Vietnam Minister of Defense issued confirmation that they quickly pinpointed the exact location of the plane, in part to the STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver System. The Minister of Defense and Airbus will work together to analyze the wreckage and determine the cause of the incident and will focus on the recovery of the last crew member.

Robert Jechart, CEO of RJE International stated “It’s always unfortunate to hear of a crash, but knowing RJE can aid during this crucial time to successfully locate an aircraft and provide answers is critical. Locating the aircraft quickly allows the operator to determine what happened. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to learn and make improvements to prevent this from happening again. It is also critical to bring resolution to families who are struggling with the unknown fate of a loved one.

The STI-350 Surface Acoustic Receiver is a compact and rugged battery operated directional receiver that detects and tracks underwater pingers (beacons) as well as transponders from the surface.

For more information, visit or call 949-727-9399 for customer service.

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RJE International provides mission critical products for underwater applications in military, commercial, and scientific markets. RJE manufacturers sonar and navigation applications with a long-term track record of developing products specifically for Special Operations. RJE has customers in over 45 countries and is focused on underwater relocation/tracking and diver navigation and sonar systems.

McGill-photo-for-website7/2015 - RJE International donated an underwater locator beacon to the engineering design team of McGill Robotics of Quebec, Canada. The team is competing at an event organized by AUVSI Foundation and the Office of Naval Research in San Diego, CA.

Adrian Battiston, Mechanical Leader and Project Manager accepted the beacon from Robert Jechart, President of RJE International. By supporting McGill we are directly supporting education of over 50 engineering students.

RJE International, continues its mission of giving back to the community and supporting research and education. These underwater locator beacons, previously used on aircraft black boxes, have been repurposed and donated for research. The beacons meet rigid standards and are equipped with new 30 day batteries.

Irvine, CA September 23rd 2016 - RJE International, has been working with top Oceanography, Robotics and Engineering Programs and Universities across the U.S. for the past year. By gifting product through their Educational Program, we have been able to aid in furthering their studies and explorations. A portion of these studies include: monitoring the arctic ice sheets and Kelp Forest in the Aleutian Islands with the University of Alaska, fracture zones and volcanic sediment with the University of Hawaii, being able to earlier predict hurricanes with the University of Maryland, California Coast eco and sea floor mapping with UC San Diego.

CEO, Robert Jechart stated “Not only is it important to give back to our industry, but it’s equally important to inspire our future scientist and engineers. We're excited RJE is part of new scientific developments and research that furthers a greater education of our planet.” The initial program re-purposed aircraft black box beacons. By being eco-conscious and recycling the RJE beacons, they provided new life to projects that often lacked adequate funds and equipment. This resulted in 13 Universities receiving valuable RJE products that enabled them to continue their research. The RJE ELP-360R Underwater Locator Beacon was widely used in the various school’s programs.

"Last year CUAUV updated our acoustic subsystems with a newly redesigned board for acoustic signal conditioning and a new software DSP stack. RJE's underwater locator beacon was an indispensable tool for testing this new system because it allowed us to accurately test in the pool in Ithaca with a beacon that was very similar to what we expected to find at the competition. As a result, when we got to the competition in San Diego we were able to immediately start tracking the competition's locator beacons and did not have to re-calibrate our acoustics system. This would not have been possible without RJE's pinger and having this hardware was a major contributor to our success." said Noah Levy, Cornell University Hydrophones Lead.

For more information, visit or call 949-727-9399 for customer service.

RJE International, Inc. announces the sale of its ELP-362D and ELP-362M Series of Underwater Locator Beacons product line to Dukane Seacom Inc. in December, 2015.RJE Logo4 HiRes
We look forward to growing our company by expanding our product range for mission critical products in the underwater and aquatic safety markets.

CatalinaClark15-136-small6/2015 -  Harvey Mudd College recently started the development of a new course offering in which all engineering student will enroll. This course, Experimental Engineering, will educate students in the design, implementation and data analysis for measuring engineering and environmental parameters. The platform for teaching these topics will be an underwater robot typically known as an ROV-Remotely Operated Vehicle.

RJE has donated an underwater locator beacon to act as a positioning system for the students ROV, allowing them a tool for robot localization that will aid in geo-referencing any underwater environment parameters. This will provide new learning experiences for the student, especially in the area of sensor filtering and state estimation.

Christopher Clark, Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd and Director of the Lab for Autonomous Intelligent Robotics ( accepted the donation and thanks RJE for the support in expanding oceanographic studies.

RJE Intl CEO Robert Jechart Irvine, CA August 31st 2016 - RJE International, a market leader of mission critical products for underwater navigation and aquatic safety applications is celebrating 25 years in business.

RJE International has built a reputation as a renowned manufacturer of quality and high tech underwater products including diver navigation, diver sonar and underwater relocation products. RJE is a leader in providing its mission critical products to the special operations community as well as other governmental and commercial customers worldwide.

CEO, Robert Jechart stated “We’ve built our business on long-term relationships. Our products are manufactured in the USA and tested to the highest standards in the industry. We have a strong commitment to investing in R&D and engineering and are currently working on several research projects which will significantly enlarge our IP and growth potential. We are most appreciative of our valued customers in over 45 countries who are the reason why we are still here today and continue to grow with a bright future for the next 25 years!”

For more information, visit or call 949-727-9399 for customer service.

ELP360R FullSizeRender8/2015 - Cornell students compete in AUVSI Foundation/Office of Naval Research's Robosub competition every year. This year they were able to utilize a RJE locator beacon to successfully locate the Robosub in the test pool. The Team had to design analog front end and digital signal processing hardware for localizing an acoustic beacon placed somewhere in the pool. The RJE beacon allowed them to produce a similar signal and overhaul their firmware.

RJE continues to give back to the research and educational world by donating repurposed underwater locator beacons. The program has now supported numerous universities and fields outside aviation.

Noah Levy, Acoustics Subteam Leader, CUAUV accepted the beacon for Cornell.

Black-Box-with-Black-background-small3/2015 - RJE International, Inc. is proud to announce FAA certification and approval for its new ELP-362D90 Underwater Locator Beacon which features 90 days of continuous operation.   It is certified under TSO C121b which became effective March 1, 2015 and requires all new underwater locator beacons to have a 90 day battery life versus the traditional 30 days on existing beacons.

The ELP-362D90 is a direct replacement for the existing beacons in the field, including the ELP-362D, DK100 and DK120 underwater beacons.  The 7 year battery life is the longest in the industry. This results in 35% cost savings due to the one additional inspection cycle over existing beacons on the market. The ELP-362D family of ULB’s was the first to feature replaceable batteries and 90 day beacons, long before the new TSO became effective. RJE previously acquired the ELP-362D ULB product line from Teledyne Benthos.

RJE International’s 25 year track record of product innovation and quality has made it the worldwide leader in underwater relocating and tracking systems. It’s pinger locating systems were used to find Air Asia’s black boxes and it’s ELP-362D ULB was mounted on the flight data recorder. RJE is a California based manufacturer of mission critical products for Special Forces and the aviation and underwater markets.


RJE DPR 275 Diver Receiver imageIrvine, CA July 20th 2016 - RJE International, a specialist in mission critical products re-launched an all new and improved DPR-275 Diver Pinger Receiver and PRS-275 Pinger Receiver System. The portable hand-held DPR-275 is a durable acoustic receiver with a wide span of frequency with both visual and audio, capable of detecting and locating an underwater sound source emitting a signal in the 5-80 kHz range.

The durable DPR-275 has an improved LED display readout for greater visibility in poor conditions, and a rechargeable 9-volt lithium-ion battery that has a longer life and is easier to change. We also added an enlarged compass for convenient navigation, and a more rugged water-tight carrying case. VP of Sales, Bruce O’Bannon stated “Our new DPR-275 is a creative blend of continual improvements with our R&D, and working with key accounts to deliver superior product for their critical needs.

The DPR-275 is sleeker with upgraded stylings and increased functionality that effectively delivers under the most rigorous constraints and environments.” The DPR-275 receiver assembly operates to a depth up to 200 meters (650 feet) and possesses a slight positive buoyancy. The receiver housing is constructed of black Acetal resin and hard anodized T6 aluminum, and will withstand prolonged exposure to salt water.

For more information, visit or call 949-727-9399 for customer service.

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ABOUT RJE INTERNATIONAL: RJE International celebrates 25 years of service, providing mission critical products for underwater applications in military, commercial, and scientific markets. RJE manufacturers sonar and navigation applications with a long-term track record of developing products specifically for Special Operations. RJE has customers in over 50 countries and is focused on underwater relocation/tracking and diver navigation and sonar systems.

USC logo 28/2015- Los Angeles, CA. RJE International donated an ULB to the Translational Imaging Center at Scott Fraser Lab, USC. The Lab is pushing imaging technology to assist in producing amazing imagery for the medical field with the aid of acoustical sound waves.

Jason Junge, Ph.D. accepted the beacon on behalf of the school and will use it as part of a microscope-engineering project. RJE, once again, reaches out to educational and non-profit entities to support their research. The Beacons used in this research are no longer used for the aircraft industry but are extremely valuable to research and education.

ULB-meeting2/2015 - RJE International attends Low Frequency Underwater Locator Beacon Workshop organized by ARINC (AEEC). Robert Jechart, RJE’s president attended the meeting which dealt with reviewing the final draft of ARINC’s project paper : Installation Standards for Low Frequency Underwater Locator Beacon. Much was learned, lots of ideas exchanged and new people met. We thank the host Radiant Power for a great dinner and hosting the event.