About Us

Committed to Supplying Tomorrow’s Technology – Today!

RJE International, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Robert Jechart in a spare bedroom in his house with a goal of supplying high tech mission critical products to military, commercial and scientific communities worldwide. Today RJE is in its fourth location, growing nicely each step of the way.


Robert wanted to try out a new business model by teaming up with engineering focused companies to design and manufacture underwater products in accordance with RJE’s specifications.  After testing and approving the first product, RJE would place a substantial order for the first year’s sales requirements which assured that the manufacturer would make some money and were willing to invest in growing the product line.  This model turned out to be very successful to the point that RJE was named to Inc Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing companies.  

The company established its reputation by supplying state-of-the-art sonar relocation and tracking systems to the Military Special Ops community, followed by diver navigation and sonar systems.

Our customers include the US Navy, Air Force and all major branches of the U.S. Government, all major airlines and repair facilities as well as most major foreign governments and commercial customers in over 75 countries worldwide.

Today RJE is the world’s leading supplier of advanced diver sonar and navigation equipment and the second largest manufacturer of underwater locator beacons for black boxes on aircraft and ships.  

ELP-362D 90-30 white background edited

 Most recently, RJE acquired the ELP-362D Underwater Locator Beacon product line from Teledyne Benthos. The      ELP-362D is FAA approved and is installed on black boxes (cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders) for  commercial    and general aviation aircraft.  RJE recently moved to a larger facility in Irvine, California in order to  manufacture this  product line as well as the new ELP-362M underwater beacons for voyage data recorders on  ships.


The RJE Technologies subsidiary was formed in the year 2000 to push the technological boundaries in aquatic safety.  This was accomplished with the revolutionary SonarGuard Pool Security System that created a new standard in the industry. PoolsideBaby

RJE received Fast Company’s Magazine, Fast 50 award for transferring its sonar technology to the swimming pool industry and introducing the world’s most advanced pool security system which to date has saved 11 children’s lives.

RJE Technologies, Inc. purchased the Safety Turtle product line in 2012 to add another layer of protection available to the consumer for aquatic safety.

RJE’s rich history of product innovation and dedication to quality and customer service has enabled it to reach amazing goals and make them very easy to do business with.

Our team is professional and entrepreneurial with a “can do” attitude. We like new challenges and especially thrive on creating happy customers that enjoy coming back to us for more.   

 One of our core goals at RJE is to continually improve our product offering and our customers’ experience with them. 

Giving back is very important to us. With our continued success RJE is investing its resources and a percentage of our profits with local charities and non-profits that help at risk youth and children.  


Established in 1991, RJE has grown steadily and has been named to the
INC500 list of fastest growing small companies in America.