Acoustic Pingers/ Transponders

ULB-350zUsed to mark and relocate equipment and locations underwater, our cost effective acoustic beacons/transponders and receivers/interrogators are available in a wide variety of options to meet any requirement. Our receivers/interrogators can be mounted on subsea vehicles, used from the surface or operated by a diver. With different frequencies, activation methods, and battery life options… we have a solution for any marking and relocation requirement with our pingers/transponders.

RJE International specializes in customization and we can design a pinger/transponder to meet you specific needs. Whether it is an emergency location beacon for your subsea vehicle or towfish, marking equipment moorings, or track divers during training RJE can meet your needs.






ARS-100 Acoustic Reference Source

Used to provide a reference sound source for subsea recorders, the ARS-100 series beacons are programmable to create acoustic markers. Accurate timing and over sixteen different transmit settings provide flexibility for your program’s needs. Available in 200 meter and 1,000 meter versions, the ARS-100 can be deployed for up to one year.

ARS-100 Data Sheet


ASR-370 Acoustic Recall Device

Used to recall marine mammals such as Dolphins, the ASR-370 is a rugged battery operated acoustic sound source that sends a 12kHz signal into the water for marine mammal training. Used by the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal program, the ASR-370 is a cost effective solution for your training program.

ASR-370 Data Sheet


ATT-400 Acoustic Target Transponder

This underwater acoustic transponder is small and easy to deploy in depths of 6,000m. When interrogated by the STI-350, DTI-300 or VADR series acoustic receivers, the ATT-400 provides range and bearing up to 750 meters away. The ATT-400 can also be programmed to operate as a free-running pinger. With a battery life of up to 6 months, this transponder is ideal for marking equipment and locations in poor visibility.

ATT-400 Data Sheet 


ULB-350 Low Cost Location Beacon

This underwater beacon is a cost effective free-running pinger used for marking equipment and underwater sites to depths of 1,200m. Using a single 9-volt battery, the ULB-350 can continually send an acoustic signal for up to 60 days. To extend its life the ULB-350 can have a time-delay programmed for up to 3 months. With flexible features that allow you to tailor it to your requirement, the ULB-350 is ideal for applications where size and weight are an issue.

ULB-350 Data Sheet


ULB-362 Full Ocean Depth Acoustic Location Beacon

The ULB-362 is a compact, cost-effective, full ocean depth, underwater emergency location beacon designed for applications where size is critical. Offered in 27kHz and 37kHz, the ULB-362 can send an acoustic signal for up to 30 days. The ULB-362 is a direct replacement for the ELP-362A and typical applications include use on ROVs, AUVs, ordnance and equipment recoveries.

ULB-362 Data Sheet


ULB-362PL Underwater Beacon with Power Loss

This underwater beacon can be externally activated through an underwater connector. Ideal for emergency relocation of ROVs, AUVs and towed-bodies, the ULB-362PL automatically activates when a relay closes on the vehicle due to power loss. A direct replacement for the ELP-362PL, the ULB-362PL can send an acoustic signal for up to 30 days.

ULB-362PL Data Sheet


ULB-364 General Purpose Acoustic Beacon

The ULB-364 Series Underwater Location Beacon is a cost-effective acoustic relocation pinger designed for rigorous offshore use. Using off the shelf 9V alkaline or lithium batteries, the ULB-364 is ideal for marking underwater sites or equipment where cost is a factor.

ULB-364 Data Sheet 


ULB-364EL Long Life Acoustic Beacon

This underwater beacon offers the same features as the ULB-364 but can be deployed for up to 18 months.

ULB-364EL Data Sheet 




ULB350-PRG Programmer

Allows you to adjust the operational parameters of the ULB-350 series beacons. With the ULB350-PRG you can modify the beacon’s repetition rate, pulse length and add a time delay for activation.