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Flight Recorder Beacons and Recovery Equipment.

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Acoustic marking and re-locations systems, diver navigation, sonars and communications, small boat navigation.

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Underwater Beacon for Ships Voyage Data Recorders

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Aquatic Safety

Commercial and Residential Pool Alarms.

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Welcome to RJE International, Inc.

Dear Guest,

RJE International was started in 1991 with the goal of building a quality company, known as a leader in the underwater market. We have stayed true to this principle over the years and grown stronger.

Today we are the leader in supplying "mission critical products" for sonar beacons, diver navigation, sonar products and underwater relocation products.

Our goal as a company has always been to focus on long term relationships with our customers, employees and vendors. Quality is the key ingredient in everything we do. Our mantra is that "a product that isn't right better not make it out the door", and I can honesty say that this has been a cornerstone of our success!

RJE International lives by 8 core values that are woven into our culture and make us who we are. I think the results aren't too! But judge for yourself...

At RJE you deal with people who care and will treat you in a friendly, respectful and efficient manner, which I hope will keep you coming back. If you have suggestions, or complaints please contact me personally so I can address your issue and improve our processes. My e-mail address is and I promise to respond within 48 hours.

We look forward to serving our customers every day and also enjoy just helping people out, even if it doesn't result in any sales. We are here to help you – period.

Thanks for visiting us and have a wonderful day!